Substance look and feel demo

Substance look and feel demo 6.0

Substance look and feel - Java look and feel library for Swing applications
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6.0.310 (See all)

The goal of this project is to provide a configurable and customizable production-quality Java look and feel library for Swing applications. This Java look and feel is available for JDK 5.0 only.
You can use Substance-specific settings and APIs to add custom functionality to your components. While the core Swing components cover the basic UI functionality found in most applications, modern UI need modern UI components.

To address this need, Substance comes with a built-in support to allow defining and seamlessly loading plugins that provide consistent appearance and interaction for third-party components.

There are two supported ways of extending Substance. To create a custom look for branding your application, start by reading the skinning documentation and the code of the core skins in the package. To add custom behavior to the specific control(s), start by reading the widget documentation and the code in the Laf-Widget project.

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